as we approach Thanksgiving...

After having a couple of colleagues and friends pass away in the past couple of months, it's been tough. The service I attended today has made me particularly reflective... he was a great man. Kind, thoughtful, polite, genuine, and wonderful (and a vet - thus the photo). About a month ago, I had stopped by his office at work to just to say 'hello' or as a quick question... I don't really remember. What I do remember is that he took the time then to tell me how much he appreciates me and a conversation we had when he first started working with us a few years ago. And it wasn't the first time he did that - he never hesitated to share a kind word.

The people who gave eulogies today talked about how he had love in his life. Love for his family. Love for his friends. Love for God. Love for everyone. He just loved.

At the service, there was a display of pictures and stories - and I think my personal favorite, a list of things you would commonly hear him say. The last one on the list was "I sure do love you."

So, with Thanksgiving approaching, most of us are already a little reflective - or we will be on Thursday. We're all thankful for the usual suspects - family, friends, jobs, etc...  but beyond Thanksgiving, how often do we tell them? Do we even actually tell them on Thanksgiving? These experiences, though, have made me think about the type of person I really want to be. I'm going to try to be better about making sure people know I appreciate them, care about them, am there for them, and love them. And not just one day a year for holidays, or at a funeral.

So, let's get started: to my family and friends: I sure do love you. (as Willie would say)