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I'm so excited!  A while back I invited anyone who wants to guest post on my blog - and have been poking Mom to do it more recently.  So, imagine my delight when I got an email with her very first guest post!!  For those of you who know Mom, she's one of the best cooks I know. And the things in this post are simple, but awesome things she made for us growing up... and now I make, too.  So, without further adieu, here's a post from Mom!


Home Comfort Foods

What do you think of when you hear home comfort foods?  I think most of us remember back to our childhood and the foods our Mothers prepared for us.  I can remember coming home from school and looking in the cake drawer and sometimes finding a plate of chocolate cookies with frosting on, or else graham crackers frosted with butter cream frosting.  I would be so hungry and want to take one but Mom always said "You  have  to wait or you won't be hungry for supper."   I think that treat would have tasted a lot better then, than when I had finished eating a whole meal. 

Maybe I was wrong but I was never that strict, with 3 growing boys no matter how much they ate after school they still scarfed down a big meal.  I always remember Mom's Easter Cake she would make.  Chocolate cake with seven-minute frosting and decorated with coconut nests with Jelly beans.  So pretty and so good!

Anyway, breakfast is what really comes to my mind when I think of home comfort foods.  I learned two quick breakfast dishes from Mom that I often made for my family and still do for Glenn and I.  Trim Da Ca Ca (Egg as in Chicken thus CaCa) and Egg in the hole.

Trim Da CaCa
Cut two slices of bread into small chunks and brown in butter in fry pan.  Beat two eggs plus 2 tbsp. water, add a little bit of butter to pan and pour eggs over toasted bread.  Stir with spatula until egg is set.  Salt, pepper, and enjoy!

Egg in the Hole
Take one slice of bread and with a glass cut out circle in bread slice.  Butter bread, put in fry pan, add a little butter in bread hole and crack in one egg.  Butter top of bread in pan and when egg is starting to set flip over.  Butter and toast the bread circle you cut out also.  Salt, pepper, and enjoy.


  1. "A new blogger is born!" Good subject Rena. Your brother often makes these two dishes in the morning. Can't wait for your next blog posting. Keep poking at her Brenda ; )

  2. Rena/Brenda - This is awesome... but ya know what is weird?? At our house we always called "egg in the hole" "Trim na CaCa". I have always made it like mom did and it looks just like your egg in the hole... yum... I have never had what you call trim da caca. How can this be???? When our moms were sisters and our dads were brothers? I am confused!!! LOL Love ya - Cousin Nel

  3. Nel that is actually kind of funny. I may be wrong but that is the way I remember the eggs being named. Whatever the name, I still eat both and hope you try the egg and bread one. it is good. Love you too Rena

  4. Unfortunately, we cannot ask either one of them, so some mysteries in life MUST remain..Belva....They are both good no matter what they are called!!

  5. Tammy - I know, right? She'll have to start a regular guest post now!

    Nel, Mom, Belva - that's funny! I always knew egg-in-the-hole as just that. I don't remember mom calling the other trim da ca ca until more recently, but she probably did it when I was younger too.

  6. Well, I am teching my kids incorrectly on one of these names..I have always called it trim da ga ga (as in Lady Gaga?!?), not ca ca, but the chicken connection with ca ca makes more sense! My kids have always loved eating, whatever its name!! -Colene

  7. OK....
    So when Amanda? I think was born. Dad was there cooking for Brooke, Matt and me (It was at the brown house by Jerry and Nancy's so I was younger than 3rd grade) But DAD was cooking some mysterious breakfast - which I thought was scrambled eggs. He kept calling it trimdecaca which I thought was a German word for "child-poison"
    Anyways, he pulled one spice after another out of the cupboard with a smart-as-can-be wink and shook them ALL into this pan of trimdecaca! I wasn't old enough to realize that I was being poisoned but I did realize he never actually opened the lids of any containers. Matt and Brooke never ate anything cooked by Dad again and still live in fear of that word. I am pretty sure one of our aunties saved us later that day with hot dogs or something...
    I didn't know it was real and maybe I should ask y'all about "His mother's good stuffing" sometime.

  8. By the way - It was pronounced trim de gackda but I thought I should stick with your speling because I never read the recipe book.

  9. Oh, wow - I LOL'ed at "German word for 'child-poison'" There appears to have been some confusion about this whole thing, because Mom calls it trimdecaca, but Nel thought the egg-in-the-hole was called that. So, you could very well be right that it's trim de gackda. I'm starting to believe they all thought of this when they were younger to mess with our generation, at this point.

    I'll have to ask around about this good stuffing. I'm curious now! :)

  10. I am pretty sure Aunt Ruths stuffing was sweet dressing made with raisons and apples, onions, celery, bread cubes etc. I think Dar makes this dressing as I do to. Good Stuff (no pun intended).

  11. Ohhh if it's that dressing, it IS good stuff(ing)!

  12. GREG SAYS:
    I don't know if it stuffing or dressing - but it would be real funny to pass that recipe on to my sisters before this thanksgiving. I don't know that I have ever eaten this - only heard about it.

  13. Mom always made trim da gaca. And she cut it into "horses " that she said I think one of her grandmas would do for her when she was sick. I love your blog!----jenny w


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