garden soup

So, it's been far too long since I've written... again... and again, I'm going to try to be better! Turns out it's not always easy cooking for one, but if I embrace the joys of freezing foods (and remembering to eat them again later) maybe I can try some fun things again.

Lately, though, I'd been craving Grandma D's garden soup. Like it sounds, it's soup with fresh garden vegetables -- or in my case, fresh farmer's market veggies. I was telling mom that I have a distinct memory sitting helping Grandma make garden soup and sitting at her table eating it on the farm. I remember what it tasted like exactly, and I wanted that.

She told me her version, but suggested I contact my aunts to see what they think because everyone probably does it slightly differently. But, my aunt and my mom told me the same thing pretty much, so I thought that was pretty safe to try.

Here's what I did:
  • Choose my veggies: kohlrabi, carrots, onion, green/yellow/and purple beans
  • First, I sauted the onions in a little butter in a pot
  • Then, put the veggies in a pot and cover with water (barely)
  • Cook veggies until they are almost done to my liking
  • (add salt and pepper periodically, for taste)
  • Add half-and-half until it's the amount of soup I wanted to make. I'm guessing I used 1 1/2 pints? 
  • Cook until veggies are done (I like them a little crispy, yet cooked)
  • Eat soup

And the result? I had a flashback to Grandma's table - the taste matched exactly the memory I had and I was happy. Does it get any better than that? Great food and sweet memories, packaged in a little bowl. Delightful.

Big thanks to Mom and Belva for the help!