my stupid smartphone

Smartphones can be totally awesome - and I shared an example of why in my last post.  I had a blackberry (work phone) before I got my personal smartphone. I didn't have a problem learning how to use my blackberry for some reason, but I really don't use all of the bells and whistles on it because... well, it's my work phone. I don't need to be doing a lot of personal stuff from there.  It checked my email, made phone calls, and told me what the weather was going to be... but that's all I really used it for, and it was easy. 

Then I got my personal smartphone.

It was the first time in my life that I remember being outsmarted by technology - which is difficult for someone who consider(s)(ed) herself relatively tech savvy.  I had reached my technological threshold where things coming naturally "for those young kids these days" no longer described me and my smart phone made me feel dumb. I was technologically old and I wasn't even 30 yet - so it must all be down hill from here.

Some of the good (and bad) parts about it is that I can be connected all day, everday, and all night, every night. On the bright side, I don't get lost anymore because google maps is a couple of clicks away.It gives me walking, driving, or bus directions -- but I don't use the bus... I don't know how. Maybe I can look it up on my smart phone!? :) 

And god forbid that I would have to wait until I get home to upload a picture!  I can do it from anywhere - woot woot!

It's also a constant stream of email, facebook, my other email, text messages, current weather conditions, and the latest news - I have a love/hate relationship with that. Sometimes it's sensory overload.

I finally figured it out for the most part, though I am still not sure why sometimes I just have to press the touch screen to answer a call, and sometimes I have to slide my finger across the screen to answer - it doesn't hurt anyone, so I just let that go eventually.

But my smart phone isn't always smarter than me.  When I'm visiting home, I get limited service, but when I do I get the following notification (photo below, also):

VoicemailsWhile roaming internationally, voicemails will not be downloaded to your phone. However, you can still call voicemail to listen to your messages. Would you like to change your roaming settings to allow voicemails to be downloaded? yes/no

my stupid smart phone

My question is: Since when is southeastern Minnesota 'roaming internationally?' Maybe I was too close to Iowa?  stupid smart phone...


  1. I hear you . . . I love tech~y stuff. I can't wait for my current, cell contract to be up, so I can try an iphone. I know the dumb (oxymoron) thing will be WAY smarter than I can ever hope to be. . . but they are just, soooo fun, to dink around with . . . so many apps . . . so little time!

  2. You're right - they are fun to learn! One of my favorite apps on my phone is Shazam. It will listen to a song and tag it so you can remember what it is later. I like it because I always hear songs and think "I like this, what is it?"


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