Whoa - I'm kind of a whiner

It's Thanksgiving (tomorrow)! We have lots to be thankful for and this is the time of year to spend some time thinking about those things.

In the meantime, we're getting ready for one of the best parts... Thanksgiving dinner! A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to Mom about the menu, and it went something like this:  
My Stuffing -
the sweet one with the raisins.
Mom: I think I might just make one kind of stuffing this year.

Me: Which one?

Mom: I was thinking the sage one.

Me: OK. I'll bring the other one... you know, the sweet one with the raisins.

Mom: You don't think the sage one will be enough?

Me: I don't want that one. I'll just make the other one.

I don't whine a lot about food, but when it comes to Thanksgiving and my stuffing, it's not a question. But, I'm happy to make it myself. (I'll admit - and appreciate - that mom started tonight, though... I'll finish tomorrow.)

Thinking all of the Thanksgiving food crises were averted, this conversation happened last weekend:

Best buns ever. (sorry, Mom!)
Me: Are we having buns from the bakery? (This isn't really a question... what I mean is: We will have buns from the bakery.)

Mom: I forgot to order them...

Me: It's OK. Can't we just pick some up there?

Mom: Maybe. I can try to go there over lunch this week. Otherwise, I was thinking I can get some at the grocery store. They are almost as good?

Me: What? No they're not. Not even close!

Mom: Maybe I will just make some.

Me: No offense - because you're the best cook I know - but no one can beat the bakery buns. Can't Dad just go pick some up in the morning?

Mom: Sigh. 

On Tuesday morning, Mom called me at 7:45 a.m. - and I could tell she was laughing and mocking me a bit - to tell me she picked up buns from the bakery. Another crisis averted.

The buns and the stuffing are the two things I can't seem to compromise on for Thanksgiving dinner. I think I'd even be OK if there was pot roast instead of turkey. Or cheesy potatoes instead of mashed. And I don't care what kind of salad or vegetable. I'll even live without pumpkin pie. Just don't mess with my stuffing and buns!

So, on this Happy Thanksgiving, I'm very thankful for my Mom who puts up with me being a whiner about Thanksgiving dinner. And to be fortunate enough to be having such a lovely meal with family who love me. And because I have great friends who are there for me -- and are super fun to boot.

Happy Thanksgiving! I'd like to know - what Thanksgiving foods will you not do without? What are you thankful for this year?

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