a lost art? not anymore!

This was an especially busy week for me at work and I haven't been home much all week, so this weekend, I tried to find a balance between relaxing (read: being lazy) and productive -- and think I did ok! But I'm not ready for it to end in less than 12 hours. Are we ever? Anyway, I digress...

A few posts ago, I had said that writing letters - real ones, written on paper, with envelopes and stamps - seems to be a lost art . Remember those? After I wrote about it, I had high intentions of sending some real letters, determined to break the e-cycle just a bit... and then realized there was a pretty big flaw in my plan. Addresses. Or rather, the lack thereof. Because I didn't have an address book, I could write a note, but wouldn't have known where to send it. Oops.

Having identified the issue, I found resolution through the purchase of a physical address book, for which I have been made fun of by some of my techy friends, and have begun to fill it in! Thanks to those of you who have sent me your address! This weekend, I was finally able to sit down and write out a few small letters and they'll go out Monday. Maybe you'll get one! If you haven't sent me your address, feel free to e-mail it to brk1080@yahoo.com.

Heads up -- my next request is going to be for birthdays and anniversaries (including years if you're willing to give them). I've had a couple of people mention it, so will be happy to share when I get it put together. If you want to help me get a head start, send me an e-mail to brk1080@yahoo.com with your family's info. Or send me a letter!

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