here fishy, fishy, fishy...

That's how you catch fish, right? The last time I went fishing, it was between my junior and senior year of high school... or between senior year of high school and freshman year of college. Whatever. It was a LONG time ago. Anyway, all I remember is sitting in a boat for hours with my two oldest brothers catching nothing. Then, in a moment of true grace, I got my fishing line stuck in a tree. When Keith was trying to get it unhooked, he said 'Let go!' .... so I did. It turns out he was talking to the tree, not me, and there was my pole, swinging from the tree. They don't invite me to go fishing anymore.

Now, the closest I get to fishing is digging it out of the freezer... and I do pretty well with that. Last week, I caught some nice walleye in there! I haven't made fish much myself, but a colleague of mine was talking about how she liked to make breaded walleye - so why not?

I won't write out the whole recipe because I followed this pretty closely. It was good, but you didn't really taste the honey in the breading itself and while I was a little weirded out about drizzling honey on my fish, I tried it when I didn't taste it in the batter - and it's actually really good! At least I thought so. Try it sometime and let me know what you think. :)


  1. I can see keith shaking his head at you kind of like dad has thru the years. fish looks good enough to eat. Maby they will bring some fish home from the fishing trip and I can try it. MOM;

  2. I mean maybe !!!!!sp


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