The Mark Burger

It's finally spring in Minnesota! At least for a few days. And with that comes grilling season! I've only grilled once so far this season before this weekend. To get in the spirit, I posted asking for friends favorite grilling meals. I got some great suggestions and today tried a burger suggestion - which I am calling The Mark Burger, because it was inspired by my friend and colleague, Mark. Super creative burger name, I know... but I dig it.

The Mark Burger

He said he likes to use pork burger (but I used 92% lean beef) and mix in diced onions, A1 steak sauce, and mustard (I used dijon mustard). I didn't measure, but put in about how much I thought might be good. The obvious next steps were to make patties and grill them - I made four 1/4 lb. patties.

The other twist was that, instead of ketchup, he said he tops with BBQ sauce, so I used Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce. I also bought a jar of pickles that also had pickled red peppers and carrots in the jar and used a mix of pickles, red peppers, and carrots on top. 

And, to make a long story short, it was delicious - I'll likely make The Mark Burger again this grilling season and recommend you try it, as well. :)

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