a happy accident

In my last post, I mentioned it's grilling season! Turns out I was wrong. It's winter again.

And, because I prefer denial, I'm posting about the other grilling we did last weekend. In the spirit of full disclosure, I made the glaze and only purchased the salmon. The rest of was my brother and his girlfriend's doing - including the grilling part - so this post is really about the glaze since that's the only part I really did.

I knew that they were making mango salsa to go with the salmon, so I wanted to find something that I thought would go really well with that. On the Food Network website, I found a recipe for a Brown Sugar Mustard glaze - a Bobby Flay recipe and the reviews were awesome, so it had to be delicious.

So, I set to making the recipe and did it all like the recipe said - except I forgot to add the dijon mustard before I left the house. On the bright side, it smelled awesome without the mustard - and kind of like what you would dip potstickers in. So, we went ahead and used it on the salmon and it was really tasty and went great with the mango salsa they had made (and the grilled veggies and the risotto)!

There are two happy parts to this accident:
  1. I think I found my new favorite glaze/sauce for lots of things. I'm going to try it with potstickers and burgers and whatever else it might be delicious on.
  2. I don't have to look up a salmon glaze next time we make it - because I can redo this one, but make it actually according to the directions, the way Bobby Flay intended. 
 It was a good, and delicious, weekend. :)

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