better than christmas

I honestly think I enjoy the 4th of July more than Christmas. (don't hit me)

The 4th of July is almost always fun in Eitzen, even if there is rain like there was this year. There is never a lack of loved ones and friends. And it's highly unlikely that snow will ever post-pone it! The kids get candy at the parade, the adults watch and see people they know participating in the parade, derby, tractor pull, etc... Because of the weather, I limited my activities this year and spent a good portion of the time at mom and dad's, but enjoyed it all (even my nap). I've spent about three or four July 4th holidays away from Eitzen, but haven't enjoyed it as much. Here's a few photos from this weekend:

After a great weekend there for the holiday, I returned today and checked on my tomato plant (which I forgot to water, again, before I left... thanks a billion to mother nature for stepping in for me!) The last time I posted pictures of my tomato plant was June 23, and it's grown quite a bit since then. And the best part is.....

THERE ARE TWO BLOOMS ON IT NOW! As you can tell from the ALL-CAPS, I'm pretty pumped about this! There's hope for me and my black thumb! I know I can't take a whole lot of credit, since I've been relying on mother nature to take care of it this year, but I'm still excited. Hopefully I'll be able to post an actual tomato soon!

Thanks for humoring me. :)

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