one, five, ten

Today has been one year since we lost Grandma D.  This year was also the one year anniversary of losing Grandma K., 5 years after losing Grandpa K., and 10 years after losing Grandpa D.  Big year.  I've been thinking about this and it brings a smile to remember the memories. Christmas eve's with G&G D.  Christmas days with G&G K.  Grandpa K helping the guys on the farm.  Grandpa D. with his video camera and the memoir he made.  Grandma D. with her funny poems and scrabble and cards.  Grandma K. making quilts for each of us. 

And I was lucky to have grandparents (all of them) who were so proud of me. Of us. All of us.  I started my first 'big girl' job when Grandpa K. was in the nursing home and he was so excited for me - he had me write my job title on a piece of paper that he kept in his drawer so that he could tell everyone what a great job I had gotten... and he did.  And while Grandpa D. was gone by that point, Grandma K. and Grandma D. always made a point to ask how my job and my life were going. 

I know several of you are thinking about Grandma D. today, too.  And I'm thinking about you.  We were blessed to have them in our lives and I am blessed to have you.  Feel free to share a memory here, if you'd like, of any of them.  :)

I posted these videos when I first started this blog in January, but thought it an appropriate time for a repost.


  1. Brenda, Thanks for the phone call this morning. You are so thoughtful to call and say I Love You and am thinking of you today. Hard to think of last year today, but it would have been much harder if She were in a nursing home for a year now and not knowing us. Dad and I are both thankful that we had our parents with us as many years as we did. Nice to view both videos again. Love MOM

  2. Brenda,

    You had me crying and laughing. I miss G & G Kruse so much - even the little fights with out stubborn grandmother.

    Your Grandma D. was a lovely lady. I was so saddened to hear about her passing last year. Memories are a precious gift.

    Love ya, Julie

    The pictures had me smiling - even though I looked like such a dork in most of them. lol

  3. I love this post. I feel the same way about my grandparents, lucky to have had 4 of them who were proud of us and loved us... I learned so much from them. I know you and I have always been on the same page when it comes to grandparents, and this post made me laugh and cry also. They're all still proud of us, wherever they are now :)


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