one step at a time

I usually have a rule that all things Christmas are not welcome in my world until after Thanksgiving. But the outside world does not want me to be able to keep my rule. I swear there are Christmas things in stores before Halloween now. What next, before Labor Day? Some of my friends started Christmas shopping weeks ago.  And I don't think that I've noticed the Christmas movies on TV before Thanksgiving - at least not much. But this year, they started a week ago. And I caved because Elf was on - I can't pass up an opportunity to watch it. As soon as it was over, I switched over to what was supposed to be Desperate Housewives, but the AMAs apparently take precedence tonight. Oh well... at least Elf is on again. What's a girl to do?

Speaking of which, it's hard to choose my favorite scene from Elf, because I love all of it.  But this one's pretty good.

But I digress and I'm still breaking my rule.  So, no more Christmas until after Thanksgiving.  I'm going to do my best to stick to my guns for the next few days. So, we'll come back to more discussion around our Christmas holiday favorites after Thanksgiving. For now, I'm going to focus on being thankful (and maybe the food we get to eat, a little, too.)

And in that spirit, what are you thankful for this year?

And how's that for a random thought post?


  1. Love the random thought post. I am thankful for not having a job! I am loving the freedom and am thankful for the financial security I created for myself that I can take this time off without worrying about the future.

  2. Oh, Elf. I love it and your blog and you and... not Christmas before Thanksgiving!


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