cuban wraps

It's been a few posts since I posted any food-related stuff, though I have several things to catch up on. And since I'm cooking for one for the next week or so, yet, I a little lost on inspiration -- so now is as good a time, as any, to get caught up. Right? :)

At least a month ago, now, we had made a pork roast and because there's just two of us, there was obviously leftovers. This is really Keith's idea, and I just helped put them together. His favorite sandwich (or at least in the top 5) is a Cuban sandwich, but we've never made them at home -- so we did, but as a wrap.

What you need is:
  • Ham slices
  • Pork roast slices
  • Pickles 
  • Swiss cheese slices 
  • brown mustard
  • mayo
  • jalapeno tortillas

In a small frying pan, place 1 medium-thickness slice of ham (or more if you have shaved) first, and then layer 3 slices of pork roast on top. Heat, and then flip in the pan. Cover with swiss cheese and melt.

In the meantime, prepare your tortilla with a little mayo and brown mustard spread around the center. Add pickles. 

Once the meat is heated and the cheese is melted, add it to your tortilla, and wrap it up!

Be sure to grab a napkin, because they're messy, but delicious.

I'll admit that I was skeptical about the whole mixing ham with pork roast idea, but it totally works - and it's a good, easy way to use up pork roast - especially if you have some deli ham and the other stuff around most of the time like we do. If you don't have/like tortillas, you could use bread and make it a sandwich - I think you would make it panini-style but I'm not really sure - you might have to ask Keith. :)

What's your favorite sandwich or wrap to make?

Or, do you have any inspiration for cooking for one?


  1. Sounds real good except for the Jalapeno pepper tortillas. A little too spicy for me. Sounds like a quick and good way to use leftovers. And it is nice to make something without having to go to the store and buy unusual ingredients.

  2. True - but they really weren't that spicy, just more the flavor. It was nice not to have to run to the store for anything special. :)

  3. I have been tempted to try a Cuban type sandwich, but never have, but yours look very tempting! I think I would have to call the rueben or chicken salad on a croissant my favorite sandwiches, oh and also Grandpa's homemade summer sausage or New Albin bologna on homemade bread is another favorite! (Your family is lucky to have Russ making bologna for you) The jalepeno tortillas sound so good!-Nola

  4. Nola - anything on a croissant is awesome! :) I'm partial to chicken salad on croissant, too. You're right about the homemade summer sausage - Grandpa's was awesome and it's nice that Russ got into making it so we can still have it. :)

  5. My favorite sandwich is peanut butter and jelly. I'm easy to please, obviously.

  6. Looks good, Brenda! tho I don't know if I am brave enough to try a jalepeno wrap - maybe tomato or spinach wrap???? Nola - you now have me craving Uncle Julius's summer sausage - The Best in the World! Think I just might have to go visit Russ one day!!! Maybe I can bum a summer sausage sandwich and some home made vino! Yummmmmm! Last night my family gave us a 30th anniv party and we drank quite a bit of Paul's grape, loganberry and elderberry wine! Yummo. - Nel

  7. Laura - I enjoy PBJ, too - it's easy and delicious.

    Nel - I bet tomato or spinach wraps would work well for this, too. :) I saw the pics from your anniversary party - looks like fun! Maybe you'll have to see if you can do a trade with Russ to try some of his wine and he could try Paul's!


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