war of the roses

My drive to work each morning is about 25 minutes, give or take. On the way, I typically listen to a local morning show - you know, one that talks about the news, traffic, celebrity news, and various silly or serious topics. This morning, they did one that they do pretty regularly (at least once a week... seems like more sometimes) and it's called War of the Roses. And I have mixed feelings about it - I can find so many things that annoy / bother me about it, but I find it intriguing. The same feeling I have about mullets, actually.

Anyway, the point of war of the roses is to have a woman call in, tell why she's worried that her boyfriend is cheating on her, and deceptively try to find out if he is or not. They do this by having one of the radio show hosts call said boyfriend and pretending to be from his cell phone company; he is asked to answer a 2-question survey, and in return they will send a dozen longstemmed red roses to anyone he chooses.  You probably see where this is going, but just in case - if boyfriend sends roses to girlfriend, all is well. If boyfriend sends roses to someone but girlfriend, he's a cheater and girl finds sad validation in her fears.

It's stupid and pretty annoying, right? But I'm intrigued and can't "look away" - like when you see a mullet. There are so many questions:

  • Seriously? 
  • If you're that insecure about the relationship, is his potential cheating really the root problem?
  • What if he's not cheating and you just jeopardized his trust by calling a radio station to try to out him? (well-played, by the way)
  • What if he sends the roses to you - how you know he didn't just get lucky by picking  you over another girl he's seeing?
  • Seriously? (again) What possesses you to call a radio station to deal with your relationship?
  • Why does the guy always answer the phone when it's a number he doesn't know - doesn't he screen calls? I do. It's the point of having caller id. 
  • Why is the guy always willing to take the survey? Would you?
  • And simply - Why? Just why. 
 The girl this morning had already kicked this guy out a couple of times and she knows he has cheated on her before. They have a kid together. He has (apparently) been begging to get back with her. She wants to know if he's cheating again (but is he? she kicked him out?) before she considers taking him back (again). 

This brings up another question: how many chances is she going to give this guy?

Anyway, they did the skit, and he sent the roses to Ashley. His girlfriend is Teresa. Busted. He claimed that Ashley is his sister. Teresa said he doesn't have a sister named Ashley. He said it's his sister's nickname. Girlfriend says no it's not. Insert a bunch of blurred out F-bombs here.

So, at this point, I think: Why am I still listening to this? Ridiculous.

Because it's a radio mullet, and I can't look away. Oh, and the kicker? Noone actually gets any roses.

Do you have things that you drive you crazy, but you can't look away (or change the station)?


  1. I listen to War of the Roses too, and just like you can't stop from staring at the train wreck. Maybe I'm even worse cause I often miss them, and then later look them up on the website to hear what I miss... and my husband has now started listening with me, cause otherwise I just end up recapping it to him later... it's an addiction I guess, but I don't wanna give it up.

  2. I am glad you told me who got the flowers, because that is what I was wondering the whole time I read your post!! I guess I can't "look" away, either.

  3. Bek - that's so funny that your husband listens with you now! You're right - trainwreck. :)

    Laura - I'm glad you were able to get the feeling through the computer!


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