win some, lose some

Not everything turns out perfect, no matter how high your intentions. This is the case in pretty much all that we do. To add a cliche to this post: one person's trash is another's treasure. Again, true in day-to-day life... and in my dinner. We made beets tonight, which were actually very good. And in an effort to use what we have, we tried using the greens (tops), too with something like this. Instead of roasting the beets, I boiled them with the skin on. Once they were tender (when stuck with a fork), I took them out, put them in cold water and the peels came off really easy. While I left the beets kind of plain, we put them over the greens with good intentions for great flavor. The beets were good... the greens, not so much. I'm told that trying different things may be the key, so I won't give up yet. And I'm sure the greens are super healthy for you. Just didn't work out this time. But at least it was pretty!

When at first you don't succeed... :)


  1. Like I said on your face book page, The beet leaves look to much like spinach and as you might remember spinach has never ever made it into my cooking pans. In a salad OK but not cooked, slimy and just plain nasty. But the picture pf the corn and beets looks scrumptious.MOM

  2. Some gals I used to work with said you need to fry the greens in a pan with lots and lots of butter to make them good, haha. The corn looks soooo good!!

  3. mom - too funny, but you're right. We never had cooked spinach or anything like that.

    Chelsey - I'm pretty sure that soaking them in butter would make them taste better, but would probably counteract the nutritional value a bit haha!


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