road rage

One time I saw a car almost hit a truck when the driver started to change lanes without looking - they realized and corrected back into their lane and no damage was done.  Crisis averted, right?  Apparently not, because when we stopped at the next light, guy in the car that was nearly hit got out of his vehicle, approached the person who nearly hit him, and began yelling and reaming them out.  It was pretty insane.  And to make matters worse, I missed the next light because of his little hissy. What a jerk. 

I'm pretty sure my road rage type qualifies under the Minnesota Nice category - "courteous, reserved, and mild mannered" - and sometimes "passive aggressive."  My version of screaming at people ends up in a low-medium level volume and is sometimes as aggressive as: Hey, guy, I'm right next to you or Hey, guy, thanks for cutting me off.  This is often accompanied by a hand gesture... not that hand gesture. 

I know... you wouldn't want to meet me in a dark alley.  I'm pretty scary. 

I was thinking about this on my way home tonight while stuck in traffic because two of the four lanes on the highway were closed because an accident ahead.  Since I was on my way home it wasn't a big deal and I patiently let people merge around me - we were going 5 - 10 miles/hour, tops. 

After the accident cleared on the highway and we were going a normal speed again, there was a guy whose car was closer than I would have liked to the bum of my car.  I consider giving them a brake check - imagine the scenario - and then let it go because it would probably not end in my favor (i.e. dented bumper or worse).  So, I let guy follow me snugly and close.  When things opened up, he passed me on the right before I even had a chance to get out of his way because clearly he was in more of a hurry than me.  So, I pull in behind him - because it was the lane I needed, not to be a jerk (see, courteous), and for a moment - just a brief moment - consider snuggling up behind him.  Then I think about brighting him.  I don't do that either.  And the whole time, I'm not even really angry.  Maybe a little spiteful, but not angry.

I'm the worse road rager, ever.

What kind of road-rager are you?

p.s. the use of guy in this can refer to men, women, teenagers, old people, etc... Ask Emily - when I'm on the road, everyone is known as "guy" or "hey, guy."  I am in no way inferring "guys" are bad drivers.  Well, maybe I am - depending if you use my definition or yours.

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  1. there are many times when I would like to do a brake check with a car following too close and their lights shining in my rear view mirror but hopefully I keep remembering that I would be the one ending up in more trouble. r


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