one year

A year ago yesterday I bought my new laptop and also started this blog - so thanks for following along and humoring me along the way.  I'm not sure what 2011 will bring here, but if you want to see something, let me know.  And the invitation for you to guest post is always open. 

I mentioned a couple of days ago that I had high intentions of being productive this weekend.  I got a little distracted, but got most of it done. 

Here's what I completed:
  • pick up champagne and orange juice for brunch (mimosas!)
  • have brunch with friend Kim and her family (yeah!)
  • get my hair cut (it needs it desperately)
  • hang out with other friends
  • find a couple of sweaters
  • pick up other necessities for which I currently have low/nonexistent inventory
And there's a few things I didn't do:
  • get shoes
  • get a new computer bag
  • peruse fun things at the office supply store but I DID take a peek at Target's supply...
However, there were a number of things I did that weren't on the list:
  • laundry
  • take down and put away Christmas decorations
  • fit Christmas tree back into its box
  • make brownies - they were gross, but I did make them.  Tooooo much sugar. boo.  If you have a good brownie recipe, send it my way, please.
  • make relatively complicated dinner on new years eve

New Years Eve was nice - and want to give a big shout out and thank you to Kim & Brian making me brunch and letting me hang out with their family that morning.  They totally rock and the kids are adorable!  I stayed home until about 9 p.m. that night to see if the weather would allow me to go out - and it did so I met up with Abby & Co. in Minneapolis. The place we were at gave us nice tierras to wear for the midnight countdown, too. 

Abby & Me

I'm not one for resolutions, so have nothing really to report on that front.  I'm just planning to keep doing what I have been doing and try to do a little better going forward. So here's what I want from you:  1)  What about you - any resolutions this year?  and 2)  Is there anything else you'd like to see from me this year?
Wishing you everything you want and more for 2011. 

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  1. No resolutions for me this year! I just intent to continue working on my life lists. 30 before 30 and 101 in 1001 days. Happy 2011.


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