the archive

I realized that the way I name my posts doesn't really lend itself to easily going back and finding something I'm looking for. The other day, I was looking for the recipe of something I had made before and couldn't find it for the life of me. So, I added a new page to my blog - if you look at the top, you'll see the "food archive."  I'll be posting the food things I made that I think are worth sharing or going back to in alpha order. So far it has everything to-date, and I'll be updating it periodically to keep it updated.

If you've seen something here you want to try to find again, but (like me) don't really understand my post naming-convention, you can click there anytime and scroll through.

There is also a comment feature on the bottom of that page, so if you have recommendations for something I should try, or comments about something on the page, feel free to leave them there.

And for fun, here's a collage of everything I've made. :)



  1. Good idea! I am impressed you created the second page and went back to index it all. Good job.

  2. Thanks, Laura! I actually did it because I was having a hard time finding something -- and if I was, then other people might like something like this. ha


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