help, please...

OK, so I'm only a few posts away from my 100th post on here... and while I'm not sure, I think that's a big deal. Seriously - this means I've spent a lot of time on this, for over a year.  I'm a little stressed out - I feel like that post should be something great and momentous, but I'm at a loss. What do you think? I need some suggestions. How shall we celebrate?

I'm sitting here thinking about all of the possibilities, but am not sure what to do... I need something that will make me more popular on my blog than my mom is (see the last part of my previous post).

And just so I don't waste one of the few I have left before I hit the big 1-0-0, here's some meatballs that I made.  It's the Meatball Nirvana recipe from allrecipes.com.  My notes:
  • I reduced the oregano by 1/4 tsp. and the Italian season by 1/2 tsp.  
  • I used a meatloaf mix of meat from the store instead of just ground beef - I think it had some ground pork and ground beef -- I saw on a food show once that it's better if you do that.  I'm not sure about better, but they were pretty darn good! 
  • I've been keeping them in the freezer so I can take a few out at a time for spaghetti or meatball sandwiches.  That's working out pretty slick!!!

UPDATE: My mom is officially more popular than me - she's now in the #1 slot on my blog. Go mom!  ... but apparently I suck. :)

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  1. Come now - we read from you all the time, so everyone was excited to see what your mom had to say. She's novel.

    100 posts is a big deal. I posted 100 things I love for my 100th post. So maybe something having to do with 100. Or maybe a post about goals for the blog going forward, a highlight of what you've loved about your blog so far, thanking your readers, etc. I am sure whatever you pick it will be awesome.


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