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Tonight was relaxing - movies and take-out Indian food. It was grand. We watched The Fighter, which I thought was great, although there were a lot of f-bombs. And for a movie about a boxer, the movie didn't have a ton of actual fighting, but a good amount. We also watched The Tourist, an impulse rental.  Note to self: do not impulse rentReviews and plots are important.  The best part of the movie is that Johnny Depp is in it, but unfortunately I thought that's about all it had going for it. 

The Indian food was great and I got my favorite dish, chicken makhani, Keith got the beef josh, and we got some naan (flat bread) to split.

The sauce on the left (greenish) is the beef josh; the one on the right (orangish) is the chicken makhani.

Sometimes food will trigger memories - at least it does for me. I was telling Keith that the first time I had Indian food, I was in Atlanta for a work trip and my cousin/godmother Becky took me out to an Indian place for dinner.  That first experience was fun - I even remember having Indian beer - but mostly remember that it was SOOOO spicy hot. It was really good, but so very hot. Since then, I've had it a bunch of times and from a bunch of places.  I just ask for a more moderate level of spicy.

That led me to think further about this and I realized (and I'm not sure she knows this) but she is the reason I've had a couple of other food firsts.

When I was there for her daughter (my goddaughter), Sierra's baptism, Becky and Corey took me and Mary (Corey's sister and Sierra's other godmother) out to a sushi restaurant for dinner.  That was also a fun and interesting first time experience for me.  I remember someone (I think it was Becky) telling me that sushi is one of those things you don't want every day, but once you've had it, you'll someday down the road find yourself craving it.  She was right, because it was a while before I went out for sushi, again, but then the craving hit and now I love it.  It's still not something I want to eat every day, but every couple/few months I find myself wanting it now. Here's a pic of some sushi rolls I had last fall in Baltimore.

at Ra Sushi in Baltimore

Another time I was there for work, we went to a tapas restaurant.  Be careful when you tell someone you went to a tapas place for dinner, because it often comes across sounding like you went to a topless place for dinner.  There's a pretty big difference.  Anyway, we went there with Sierra (she was so little back then!!) and for some reason I remember that was the first time I had bacon-wrapped dates that were stuffed with some kind of cheese (feta, gorgonzola, or goat, maybe??) and they were delicious, even though I am typically not a fan of foods wrapped in bacon. The only other one I can think of that I like is the 'lil smokies with bacon.

But I digress... the point isn't really the food. It's the memories that they can trigger.  I had a lot of great times with Becky over some really great (and sometimes new) food and hope to have many more.  And I can credit her with broadening my horizons to try new things in my life - so, thanks Becky! 

What foods trigger memories for you?

Has someone in your life helped broaden your horizons (food or otherwise)?


  1. Thanks for sharing Brenda! I also have to agree with you that I've had a number of "firsts" with Becky in regard to trying different foods. There was one time in particular that I did not care for, but I was pregnant at the time, so that was my excuse there! Becky and I went to an Indian restaurant a few times that was a block from where we stayed in San Francisco - they also had some wonderful type of tea that we went back for a number of times! And you are exactly right when you say there are many great memories associated with food!

  2. All I have to say Brenda...is that Becky being your godmother has sure rubbed off on you! You have certainly become a foodie as she is! I think that is just great, I am so proud of both of you! Today it sounds like Cajun as it is Corey's turn to choose! I LOVE to try different things and there are many more opportunities here and where you live! Have a good day!

  3. very interesting blog, Brenda. I haven't met anyone who has been able to convince me to try sushi yet - Just does not sound good to me. Remember when we tried Indian food with you and Keith and even though I love curry spice the food was not something I tried again. Years ago Glenn and I went to a Chinese place and when we left we both said "Well--we don't have too try that again." But we did and now going out for Chinese is our favorite meal. MOM

  4. Dianne, I'm curious what kind of food it was that you didn't like it? I can see it happening - not everything is always good! :)

    Belva, it sounds like you guys are having a great time! Keep me posted on how it goes with the Cajun food -- and give Sierra a big hug for me. I look forward to hearing about your trip.

    Mom, that's funny about the Chinese restaurant!! You've never told me that before, and it is hilarious since you both love it now. :)


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