2012: Goals, part 1

Yesterday I posted some reflections on 2011 - where I've been, stuff I did, and foods I made (and wrote about). It was a good year, for the most part, and I am looking forward to 2012 being great.

That being said, I'm not typically one for resolutions. People always ask, and I always say "I don't really do that." Maybe I just feel like I'm setting myself up to fail? This year, inspired by my friend Donna, I thought about it further. Choosing one day to make several changes is hard - and is possibly the reason these resolutions aren't followed through on. Think about it - choosing in one day to, for example:
  • go to the gym 3 times a week
  • stop eating chocolate
  • stop eating carbs
  • learn to speak Spanish
  • win the lottery
... all in one day? That's a lot of pressure. But what's she's doing is different and she has decided to make a change every day for a year. And she didn't start on New Year's -- she started a couple of days prior. I'm excited to follow her in her journey for the next year. She's keeping us updated on her blog, Muddied Feats, so check it out. From what I can tell so far, it seems like some of her changes are big and long-term (only check Facebook once / day; no sweetener in coffee-includes mochas) and shorter-term changes (change route when traveling from the one taken before).

An interesting concept - a tiered approach to making changes and making goals for the coming year. However, one a day is pretty intimidating and because I'm not prepared to commit to a new change every day, so I've decided to make a goal each month. They aren't very well thought through, yet, except for the first one, but I envision this being 12 months of Dos and Don'ts. And I should probably start out with a positive "Do", but I'm starting with a "Don't" anyway.

January: Don't drink soda/pop more than once per week in 2012.
  • This means: 
    • All sodas - regular, diet, caffine-full, caffine-free. 
    • Energy drinks (which I don't really drink anyway)
    • Sweetened cold teas (i.e. Lipton Rasperry, etc...)
    • Crystal Light add-in flavors
  • I can still have: 
    • Unsweetened ice tea (as long as sweetener isn't added by me)
    • Hot teas (any are fine)
    • Juice (see caveat in "Other Notes" below)
  • Other notes: 
    • Juice is not a substitute for soda, because it also has a ton of sugar. Although juice is not included in the list above of things I can't have, my juice consumption should not increase over what it currently is. 
    • Once a week is being allowed, but not required, to allow for a "cheat" soda, or a mixed drink. However, I'm still limited to one glass or can - not 2 liter. The "cheat" is for one, normal sized serving - not one day of having a soda IV.
    • This has nothing to do with my coffee intake. I have no problems with that, and hardly ever use sweetener in my coffee. This does not impact plain coffee or "coffee drinks" - mochas and the like. And I think that's OK, because I'm usually a "dark roast with cream, thank you Dunn Bros." kind of girl, anyway. I don't often get the high calorie/sweetened drinks.
    • Editors Note (01/03/12): Soda is OK in cooking because I only know one recipe (coke roast) that uses soda and I don't make it often.
    • Editors Note (01/03/12): Someone asked me what about ginger ale when I'm sick. I guess I'll have to play that by ear, because I don't get sick often (excuse me for a moment while I go knock on wood... OK, I'm back). If it's the only thing that will settle my stomach, this is allowed... but it has to be legitimate and hopefully not necessary.  
  • Start Date: Jan. 1, 2012
  • Completion Date: Dec. 31, 2012

I did actually start yesterday, and so far, so good. But it is funny how when you decide to restrict yourself from something, you're increasingly aware of it's presence in the house and you want to have it more. That is exactly why I'm not eliminating it completely -- I can still have it, just on a very limited basis. My hope is that eventually this will become habit and I won't really "want" it anymore.

In the meantime (read: past two days) I have drank a lot of water, which is good for me and I have already found a work around so that I can have something flavored -- I'm adding a little lemon juice (unsweetened) to iced water, but no sugar. I did have one glass of juice, but that is not out of my normal juice consumption, so I'm on track there. In fact, I feel myself veering away from the juice, too, in an effort to make sure I'm not using it as a substitute. Oh, I did have a Turtle Mocha from Caribou yesterday... but it's not against the rules and there was a BOGO coupon.

So, it's not a change every day, but it's worth a shot. And now that I've told you, I have to keep with it. :) 

More soon...

Have you made goals or resolutions this year?

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