2012: Goals, part 2

I wrote yesterday about something I'm going to try with goal setting in 2012. My first is: Don't drink soda/pop more than once per week. Already since I posted it, people have been really helpful - asking questions and giving me ideas to help support it. And, so, I had to go back today and make two editorial additions to the "rules" of this goal to address one of their questions (and one of my own):
  • Soda is OK in cooking because I only know one recipe (coke roast) that uses soda and I don't make it often.
  • Someone asked me what about ginger ale when I'm sick. I guess I'll have to play that by ear, because I don't get sick often (excuse me for a moment while I go knock on wood... OK, I'm back). If it's the only thing that will settle my stomach, this is allowed... but it has to be legitimate and hopefully not necessary.   
A friend from work recommended doing "cucumber water" by putting water in a pitcher and adding sliced cucumbers. Sounds easy enough! Another friend recommended a line of powder mixes to put in water that are all natural - the line is called True and comes in lemon, orange, etc... I looked it up and its unsweetened, too. I'll have to check that out!

And, my very helpful friend Donna, who inspired me to give this all a try, posted a link to a news story on facebook about mountain dew and a mouse ... and it truly disgusted me. And, helped to support that I'm making the right decision here. Don't read the article if you like mountain dew -- seriously -- but if you don't have a weak stomach, or don't like mountain dew anyway, click here to read it. Sick, yet helpful. :)

In other news, did you know that I posted on my blog 72 times in 2011 AND 72 times in 2010? Probably not, but I just realized it a few days ago... and this leads me to my year goal:

Post 10% more in 2011.

This means I must post a minimum of 79.2 times before Jan. 1, 2013. For the sake of argument, we'll round up to an even 80. That's about 1.5 posts per week.

The rules on this one are pretty simple: Post 80 times this year on this blog.

3 down, 77 to go.

What would you like to hear about this year?

And, if you read the article - reactions?

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