things that make me go hmm... #6

I don't know about you, but I must have popcorn when I go to the movies. Over the years, though, I've come to realize that I don't need to have the jumbo, so when I was at the concession stand on New Year's Eve, I didn't. And the interaction with the cashier made me go hmm...

Me: I'll have a medium soda and a small popcorn. (this was pre-2012 goal of 1 soda/week max)

Cashier: It's actually cheaper if you get the medium soda/medium popcorn combo.

Me: Oh. Well, I don't want that much popcorn. Can I get it in a small bag instead of a medium?

Cashier: We have to use the medium bag.

(I look at him oddly... I guess for inventory purposes, maybe he can't) Ok, well... I don't want to waste the popcorn. Can I get the medium bag and not have you fill it up all the way?

Cashier: So, you don't want a full bag?
(looks at me oddly)

Me: No, I won't eat that much. So, if I can't do the small bag, I want a partial medium.

Cashier: OK, I guess we can do that. Do you want butter?

Me: Yes, please. 
Hmm...  so what I heard was that they can charge me less money for more product. Or, they can charge me more money for less product. I found this perplexing.

So, when I went to a movie on Friday night this weekend, I had a similar, but somewhat different (shorter) with the cashier. 

Me: I'll have a small popcorn and a small soda. (this is the first soda I've had since new years. more to come on that.)

Cashier: You can actually get the medium popcorn/medium soda combo for the same price.

(thinks... oh geez, here we go, again) I know. I don't want that much. Thank you, though.

Cashier: OK.
(looks at me oddly and smiles)

I get that the cashiers are supposed to up-sell... but is it really an up-sell if they aren't getting more money? I guess the theaters aren't really supportive of the fight against over-eating, huh?

Hmm... your thoughts?


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