things that make me go hmm... #2

As I mentioned in my last post, I've been enjoying my first summer in 6 years where I haven't been involved significantly in the back-end operations of our big summer events at work. Big. It's the first summer that I didn't spend most of my evenings and weekends working on it. And this year, I got to just attend. And it was awesome. I get a bunch of my work peeps that from our other offices and that work remotely - and I only see many of them at this event (in the summer and in the winter) every year.

It was great getting to have conversations with people that weren't on the fly, or with me being bossy (out of necessity, of course), or the quick hug and run (yes, we hug - we hardly see each other!). And on top of it, I had time to digest it and remember it later!

A number of people told me: "You look great! So happy and... relaxed!" (I bold "relaxed" because each of them emphasized that part...)

I said: "This is what I always look like the rest of the year. You only saw me when we were at the events twice a year when I was crazy busy!"

Me with our university's founders - Summer 2011.
Now I wonder what I looked like when they saw me before... hmm...

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