how to deep fry a turkey

This past weekend was super busy, so there's more to come... but first let's talk about how you deep fry a turkey. Because I'm an expert in that.

That's not true. I know nothing about deep frying a turkey, but thankfully my friend Matt does so I watched him do it on Friday night - and took some pictures. So, for fun, let's talk about how I would explain how to deep fry a turkey based on my "experience" - emphasis on the quotation marks.

First, you get a turkey and tie some string around it. This is a two-person job.

Then, you put the turkey on a hook and slowly lower it into the oil. The oil should be hot by this point. (take a step back - make oil hot). It should bubble when it goes in (be careful) and then put the lid on it.

Take a break and take pictures of the dogs and the bonfire. Say hi to Pepper (left) and Buddy (right). Shotsy (sp?) and Lexi were camera shy.

Check the turkey. If the oil lowered in temperature too much, take it out and put it in the pan next to you on the log bench. Check under the fryer to make sure the flame is big enough. A few minutes later, when the oil is hotter, put the turkey back in.

Take a break and wait patiently for the turkey to finish. It's also recommended you eat some spinach artichoke dip from costco. It's yummy, and a good way to kill time.

Also, there's Shotsy (puppy).

When it gets dark outside, the turkey should be done. OK... it's like 4.5 minutes per pound, I think. In our case, that's when it got dark outside.

Then it looks amazing - like this:

Then you wait excitedly while Joan carves it so you can eat. You try to help, but it's questionable how "helpful" you're actually being. Then eat - it is SO good. Great with potato salad, pickles, and cucumbers.

 Then, get ready to take a nap in the drained hot tub. Turkey makes you sleepy.

And then, victory is yours!

And just because I think it's cool, check out Harlee's hamburger hat. Laura said it was delicious. But the turkey was better.

And that's how you make deep fried turkey (BK-style). If you want to know the real way, talk to Matt. He's the pro.

Thanks to Joan, Kyle, Jen, Matt, Jared, Laura, Harlee, Carson, Reagan, Buddy, Pepper, Shotsy, and Lexie for letting me hang out with them. :) It was very educational.

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