my favorite new toy

A couple of months ago, I got my new favorite toy - my Tupperware food processor. (Thanks, Shelly!!)
I hate cutting onions and jalapenos, in particular, and am super pumped about something that does it for me. I still have to cut the jalapeno in half, and quarter the onion, yet, but I still feel like I'm winning in a big way because that's the end of it.

For example, I made salsa yesterday (and a several other times already) and it's awesome. I put the onion, garlic, jalapeno, and cilantro in the processor.

And then I turned the crank a few times and it was all cut (and I had no onion tears or jalapeno-finger-in-the-eye - woot!)

And then I threw the tomatoes in (crank, crank) and added fresh corn and a bit of salt... and voila!

Fresh salsa is the best... and I love my food processor that makes it so easy! It seriously takes 10 minutes (including any prep time) and tastes so much better than store bought. I have used it a bunch of other times to cut up stuff, and have used the whisk attachment to make eggs. I'm told I can even use it to crush up Oreos and add ice cream to make my own blizzard - but I haven't tried that yet, but it's sounds good to me! I'm excited to try guacamole, too. 

Thanks, Shelly, for convincing me to get this - I am lovin' it.

Now if anyone knows what else I can make in it, let me know! So excited!

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