things that make me go hmm... #3

I was having lunch with a friend recently - she and her husband are having their first child (yay!). I asked her if they are going to find out if it's a boy or a girl, and she told me that they are absolutely not going to find out. They will find out when s/he gets here. That's cool with me - I think the surprise is kind of fun. :)

What I found interesting, though, is she told me that there are some people who are actually upset with them that they aren't finding out the sex of the baby before s/he is born because "How are we supposed to know what to buy you?"  To which she said (to me), "I didn't ask you to buy me anything." and "If we're comfortable planning for our baby without finding out early, you should be able to - or wait - or don't."

I have to say I agree 100% with her. That being said, I'll admit that I'm far from the expert on babies, planning for babies, and pretty much anything babies. But seriously? People get upset because parents-to-be choose how they want to plan for and learn the sex of their baby? I don't get it. Hmm...

Personally, I think it's their choice - it's about them (the parents) and not anyone else. I've had friends who have done various things. Find out and share the news. Find out and not share the news until s/he arrives. Don't find out until s/he is here.

I'm interested in  your thoughts on this because this threw me off a bit.

If you have kids, did people have odd responses to your choice on this?

If you don't have kids (like me), what do you think about this?


Signed: Not a baby expert, but seriously?

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