things that make me go hmm... #4

I was talking to a friend, who has two kids, on the phone tonight about a baby shower we're planning for another friend next weekend.

Friend: You're making a cake, right?

Me: Yes, I'm planning on it.

[we discuss flavors, even though it's obvious we'll be having chocolate]

Friend: Oh, I just remembered I have a nook I can bring if you want.

Me: What? (thinks "Nook?"... thinks "I already have a Nook...")

Friend: A nook - if you want to put it on the cake as a decoration.

Me: A nook?

Friend: Yeah - but if you don't need it, that's ok... you can do what you want.

Me: Ohhhh. A pacifier?  (just now realizes friend meant Nuk - a pacifier.) When I think of Nook, I think of my e-reader.

Friend: Haha - wow. We really do live in different worlds.

Me: Haha - apparently. But your kind of Nuk makes more sense for cake decorations.
Hmm... it's funny how your life can make you interpret things so differently than others - but we love each other anyway. :)

My Nook:

Her Nuk:

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