the song I hate the most... #1

Hate is a strong word. And maybe I don't hate this song, but I'm on the verge.

It sounds harmless enough - nice and upbeat music. But, the lyrics, on the other hand are about "the kids with the pumped up kicks who better run, better run, faster than my bullet." And that pretty much wrecked it for me... but, I did a little searching, and apparently the song is to "bring awareness to the issue of youth gun violence."

Even so, this is the song that is on the radio when I wake up. It's the one in my car when I leave for work. It's on when I get to work. And it's the song in my car on my way home from work... and probably by the time I get out of the car, as well. Rinse. Repeat. Day After Day. After. Day. After Day.

When I got in my car after work today, I had a headache. Then the first thing I heard was this on the radio.... Lovely.

And that is the song I hate the most -- today, anyway.

What's yours?

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