a glimmer of hope...

It's been a rough week.  Don't worry though, I'll spare you the sob story and sum it up briefly: insomnia (not clinical, but I haven't been sleeping well). Interestingly (hopefully) I received a link unexpectedly which fits the tone of this week well.  I was happy, though, to be 'introduced' to my new favorite blogger at Hyperbole and a Half (Allie).  Ularious.  I was laughing out loud at her posts.  If she would let me be her best friend, I would. It will never work, though because she is far wittier than I and to make matters more complicated, we don't actually know each other. So I will settle with following along with her posts from this point forward.  I love the information superhighway. 

My favorite thing, though, was looking outside and seeing that my topsy turvy tomato planter not only still standing, but it was GROWING!!!  (see photos - red circle shows about how big the plant the day I planted it and last night)  When I planted it, I was hopeful that it would grow, but not optimistic - trust me, there is a difference. 

Last year, 'the girls' at work gave me a real, live flower plant when my Grandma K passed.  The gesture was more than sweet and I appreciate them more than I can say. That being said, I am not known for my green thumb, so receiving a plant that I was now responsible for keeping alive, was sort of stressful.  And I tried.  But about two weeks after my attempt at planting it (dig hole, put plant in hole, cover hole, water) it was beyond repair.  I'm pretty sure there was a flaw in plan. 

The fact that my tomato plant is GROWING!!!! is so exciting to me.  Mother Nature has been kind and has been watering it for me, which is nice because I don't remember very often that it needs to be fed.  Thanks Mother Nature for the watering - I owe you one!  I spent about 3 minutes looking at the leaves trying to figure out where the tomatoes would be coming out because there are no blooms yet.  I didn't find it, yet.  Patience is a virtue, and my topsy turvy (soon to be) tomatoes are a glimmer of hope that things are looking up!


  1. I'm excited about your tomatoes and can't wait to see what you do with the finished product!

  2. me too! I haven't been able to keep anything alive... except fish, and that took a few tries, too! long story.... LOL

  3. hahah the fish! Also ularious :)


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