... and all was right with the world

I heart office supplies more than most things. Except coffee, family, and friends. Yes, that sounds about right. Office supplies is #4 on the list of things I love. I think they are so great that I am even a fan of post-its on Facebook. If you're not a fan, I encourage you to be. Post-its are great. The sizes, the shapes, the colors - endless possibilities. And they are not just for writing notes; you can have fun with them. Check out this cool stop motion video someone made with them (not me, but I wish). 1:25 of pure gold.

Anyway, the point is that office supplies make me happy (and my birthday is in October, if you're looking to plan ahead.) I'm a nerd and I embrace it. This morning I got to work and went into my 9 a.m. meeting, notebook in hand, and realized I only had a few blank pages left. *insert mini heart attack and gasp here* Tonight, I was off to get a new one - and you can't get a new notebook and not get new pens. It's like eating peanut butter without jelly... just silly.

Tomorrow, I can go back to work with my new notebook and pens. And all will be right with the world, at least for a few moments. I can't ask for more than that.

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