Occassionally when I'm talking to mom, she'll ask me if I want to hear about the 'bonehead move' she made. You know the bonehead move feeling - the one where you do something that is a) the opposite of common sense, b) preventable, typically, and c) just plain dumb. 

So tonight, I called mom to tell her about my latest bonehead move.  I noticed last night that the dishwasher was almost full and, in an effort to be helpful, decided to run it so that by the time Keith got home all of the dishes would be clean. It was dark in the kitchen, and I apparently thought that I knew what I was doing, so didn't bother to turn the lights on (see options A & B above) - I grabbed the soap from the cupboard below the sink, screwed off the top, and started to pour.  Imagine my surprise when the squeeze bottle dish detergent came flowing out.  What the heck?! 

Tip:  This is not dishwasher soap.
 As it turns out, it wasn't my squeeze bottle dish detergent.  It was the similarly shaped bottle of Liquid Plummer (see option C above.)  The first thought through my head is not appropriate to post. After that, it went something like this:

What do I do?  Can I clean it up? No, probably not.  ARGH - it's on my hand! OK, it's ok. Wash it off.  [washes hands and looks back at mess in dishwasher]  Hmm... now what... crap.

I ended up just washing it - mom pointed out that maybe I'll just make the dishwasher drain better, though I didn't think there was a problem with it before.  I called Keith earlier today to warn him not to eat off the dishes in there yet if he gets home before I did from work because I didn't want to accidentally poison him.  It turns out he won't be home until tomorrow and I have plenty of time to get this straightened out.  Now if you'll excuse me, I have to run the dishwasher (again).  Sigh...

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  1. It is so good to know that my daughter takes after me and spacing out. Not


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