now it's time...

... to get going on Christmas!  I mentioned before that I have a rule about any Christmas activity prior to Thanksgiving: Don't. But I did cheat a little - a little bit of Elf and I listened to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra's christmas CD on my way home for the holiday.  Thanksgiving was great - special thanks to Pam & Jim for hosting!  We, as most, ate entirely too much food and had a good time chatting, etc... Mom braved shopping with me on the dreaded Black Friday to go buy a new Christmas tree - but we only went to the side of town away from the mall so it wasn't terrible. We just went to two places, had lunch, and then went home.  Saturday we went to the craft fair and did a couple of errands.  Saturday night was girls night at the Festival of Trees!  This year's theme was Christmas in New York and it was, as it always is, beautiful.  Friends, christmas, food, dessert, drinks, and fun.  Can you ask for more?  And to those who helped organize and decorate - thank you. I know how much work events can be and you are amazing.  I even bought the t-shirt!  If you haven't gone, please do next year.  It's a 5-star event in my opinion and supports great causes. 

And Sunday I was exhausted so just hung out, relaxed, took in a Hallmark Christmas movie or two.  And then drove back home.  And then it was over.  Or was it?

Remember the new Christmas tree?  We put it up Tuesday night.  The previous tree was a little 4.5 foot tree and we've graduated to a 7 foot tree.  A real grown up tree.  Because it was boys' night, the guys were here to supervise and let me know that it was a little slanted (it was) and then it was less slanted (it was) and then it was perfect (it is).  The secret?  There may or may not be a Glamour magazine under the stand on one side hidden beneath the tree skirt. 

It turns out that when your tree gets bigger, the number of decorations needed increases as well.  Fortunately, we have almost enough decorations - the front is good, the sides are almost there... and who looks at the back anyway, right?

It ended up being an easy 3-step process:

Are you getting in the holiday spirit?  I am!

p.s. happy birthday to all of the recent/upcoming birthdays since Thanksgiving - next week: Nov. 27-Keith; Nov. 28-Grandma; Nov. 29 Tammy; Nov. 30 Ryan, Joan & Matt; Dec. 1 Michelle; Dec. 2 Katie; Dec. 6 Belva & Julie.  Whew! 


  1. your grown up tree looks great! My mom is going to purchase an artificial tree for the first time this year, but only a 4-5 footer. I guess when you get old you graduate down to a small tree again.

  2. my mom went down in tree size a while back... but now may get a bigger one again. :)


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