lazy and random

My apologies in advance for the randomness of this post. 

I've been lazy - at least when it comes to cooking anything new lately. I feel like a big blog slacker. I had kind of noticed it before last weekend and thought that I would get on it this weekend and get back into the swing of things... but then Keith made chili (yummy chili) and we had that over the weekend.  And I had bought sandwich meat, too.  It turns out that, in addition to not judging precipitation levels well, I also don't really know how much a pound of deli meat is (a lot) and I bought two.  Lesson learned.

[insert awkward topic transition here]

My favorite breakfast diner in the Twin Cities is the Day by Day Cafe in St. Paul and I used to live dangerously close to it.  It's so good, though, that when a friend came to visit from out of town for Labor Day weekend a couple of years ago, we went there for breakfast three days in a row.  Since I moved away from St. Paul, I've only been there a few times but totally worth the hike when I make the effort.  My favorite dish there is the #9 (I think it's the #9, anyway) - scrambled eggs with onions and little bits of cream cheese, hash browns, and toast.  The cream cheese is what makes it awesome for me, but I've never tried it here at home - sometimes you don't want to ruin a good thing and it's hardly ever as good when you try to do it yourself.  This weekend, though, I picked up some onion bagels (which I seldom buy/eat) and cream cheese and used them to make egg sandwiches.  I thought I took a picture with my phone, but it turns out I didn't, so picture this:

Looks delicious, right?  Case in point why I am not an artist. The point is that it was yummy and actually looked a little better real and it gave me the little bit of cream cheese with my eggs without me ruining the original for myself.  I had this on Saturday and Sunday.  I'm OK for a while now - unless you want to go to Day by Day with me.  I could be persuaded.  Oh, and  for the record, my deli meat ham was not purplish like in the image - it was normal ham color.

I don't remember what we had on Monday, but I do remember that I went to the UPS store to mail a package - I was so proud of myself - until I realized I left my wallet at home.  Awesome.  I did get it mailed, though, so that was a plus.  Last night Em and I went out for dinner - and we laughed so hard we were almost crying and a few things were added to our quote book. For example (borrowed from Em's FB status - thanks E:|):

"So left up here?"


"So left?"


"Right? Or correct?"

..."Right. And for future reference I'm very good at using the word correct. So turn right."

Ahhhh good times. 

Tonight was a little late getting home from work so quick and easy was needed.  I made some spaghetti with angel hair pasta (because we don't have any spaghetti right now) and some garlic naan that we had in the fridge.  If you haven't had naan, it's really yummy flat bread that is typically served with Indian food. Apparently it also works well as a substitute for garlic bread. 


 I'll get my act together soon.  Promise.  In the meantime, I had posted wondering if any of you (all 10 of my readers) are interested in doing a guest post.  I'm not going to keep bringing this up, as to not look desperate, but think about it.  It's kinda fun. :) 

In other news, there was a blizzard this weekend, the roof of the metrodome deflated (it's four blocks from my work - it's too cold to go gawk, though), one of my other favorite St. Paul restaurants had a nasty fire, and I've been crabby because of extraordinarily-long-for-no-good-reason commutes the first couple of days this week.  But things are looking up and it's almost Christmas!!!


  1. The Naan looks like it would be good. Also your egg sandwich If you would only leave off the cat-sup. Just like your Dad Surprised you didn't have to add some syrup too. Keep Cooking.

  2. Nah, I don't have to do syrup on everything - but the ketchup was good.


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