a flaw in the plan...

Now that the Christmas tree is up, you put the presents under it and it looks so great, right? Not here.  We don't have little kids in the immediate family (sorry, Mom) and none of us really need anything for Christmas. If we want it, we'll buy it.  So for the past couple of years we haven't done presents and have decided to donate, instead. It would be nice to say that it's all very selfless and we just want to help others, but that's not completely true.  There are people who need things or don't have the resources to get some of the things they want.  And if we can help make someones holiday a little better, that's great.  But on the other end it's totally awesome for us. 

There it is... the What's in it for me? 

Well, what's in it for me is not having to stress out about what I'm buying for everyone else this year.  And not having to try to drag suggestions out of people or have them try to drag them out of me.  And not be frustrated when they tell me I don't know... or that I have to tell them I don't know... or worry that we're all spending roughly the same amount of money on each other.  And I don't have to wrap they guys' presents (except Brian's - he knows why).  Instead, I can relax and enjoy the season. Maybe bake some cookies. And smile because I don't have to go to the mall. :)  It's totally awesome.

Don't worry, though.  Santa still visits our stockings at Christmas.  He knows that's all we want.

So where is the flaw?  Now we have this big tree and no presents to take up space below it. Maybe I'll take Tim's suggestion and wrap some empty boxes to get the look... is that lame?


  1. I was at the party place Sunday and I saw different size boxes all wrapped and I actually thought I should buy a couple and put under our tree. But I settled for putting a singing Santa under it.

  2. wrapped empty boxes sounds fine and festive to me! And if you have a place to store them, they can be used year after year. Just choose your paper wisely.

  3. Oohh, I bet Keith would love a singing Santa! :)

    I may have to try the wrapped boxes... something to do this weekend. :)


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