osso what?

I mentioned that about a week and a half ago was a productive cooking weekend which actually felt good and that I would post these 'tomorrow' - it turns out 'tomorrow' is today.  That Saturday, we made a herb chicken and rice bake thing - clearly not the technical name, but let's go with it.  We had some fresh mixed herbs - a 'poultry blend' -  and some chicken thighs. I took the herbs, chopped a mixture of them, put them in some melted butter (3-4 Tbsp.) and then spread it on the chicken (top and bottom and under the skin [that part was kind of icky]).  Meanwhile, Keith cut up some carrots, celery, and onion and briefly sauteed them.  He added them to this recipe for chicken and rice casserole and put it all in a 9x13 glass pan. I put my chicken on top of it and cooked it for about an hour (maybe 1 hr 15 min) and then took the tinfoil off to let the chicken get a little crispy and we ended up with a nice dinner - it was yummy!

He had also picked up some veal at the grocery store and I've never had it and had no idea what to do with it, but he had a recipe in mind and said he found a recipe for Osso Buco. me: Osso-what?  him: Osso Buco.  me: how do you spell that? 

The end result was that Osso Buco is really yummy and I'm not sure how to descibe it. Maybe veal cooked in a tomato, vegetable, and spice-based sauce?  Whatever it is, it's good.  According to the reviews, it can be made with pork or beef shanks, as well.  I followed the recipe exactly as it was online and we ended up with this:

And it was delightful, served over mashed potatoes and with a side of steamed green beans.


  1. My mom made Osso Buco when I was a kid all the time (good Italian meal) - I loved it! Did either of you scoop out the marrow from the bones and try that? Sounds gross, to be eating bone marrow, but it (spread on a piece of warm french bread) is amazing!

    So glad I grew up in a family that cooked and made me appreciate many 'weird' foods.

    Happy New Year, BK!


  2. We didn't do that... and it sounds scary, but I trust your taste in Italian food and am sure it's amazing. :) I can't remember what I was looking at recently, but read something about the marrow giving extra (good) flavor to something - maybe it was this, or maybe it said to cook it on the bone so the flavor was there? Regardless, what we had was yummy!


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